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I thought I didn’t give a %$#@ about the doula drama.


But here I am.


I’ve received several phone calls and messages over the past few days asking for my thoughts on the Buzzfeed article that was written about ProDoula. So far my answer has been “All publicity is good publicity. My doula clients don’t care so why should I?”…


But every time I see another emotional post from one side or the other I can’t help but mull it over.



It’s no secret that I support ProDoula. I wouldn’t still be a doula or even be running Lacey Park Online without ProDoula. I would have moved on like almost every one of the 30 doulas who attended the birth doula workshop I first took with DONA.



I’ve attended the workshops. I’ve done business consulting with both Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti. I went to the 2016 ProDoula Conference and I own most of the products they sell. I even flew from Calgary, Alberta to Seattle, Washington to take Virtually Present earlier this year.



I have contributed my share to that 1.25 Million ProDoula made last year.



And who better to have as mentors for building my own empire than the women who are making millions building theirs.



Ok, just over a million, but this is huge for a doula certification organization only in its third year!



There’s nothing new in this article.



Nothing about ProDoula the organization or its people that competitors and the competitors of its membership haven’t been saying all along.



How dare we make money and support our families? How dare we want financial success and wealth? What kind of monsters are we to want to make money from the work we do, regardless of whether one believes doulas are a necessity or a luxury?



And most of all… how dare ProDoula not guarantee us success if we kind of, sort of, do what they tell us to do?! How dare the executives and higher ups of a corporation make the most money. That should never happen.



(If you can’t feel the sarcasm dripping from your screen right now, you should probably just quit reading.)



Give me a fucking break, people! No workshop or business school guarantees your financial and business success from attending their classes or even using the techniques and knowledge offered. Every BUSINESS wants to make money and guess what, people? The ones at the top make the most money, do the most work, and take the most responsibility, and the most shit.

The article begs to know “Who really benefits from the for-profit company’s goal to rebrand doula work?”. I’ll tell you who:


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ProDoula benefits.



Do you want to know why ProDoula takes care of its members? Why ProDoula answers their phones? How they’re able to call you to confirm receipt of your certification packet and keep you up to date on how it’s being processed? Why our certification packets are processed quickly? Why ProDoula consistently offers high-quality training and products?



Because ProDoula is a business, looking to create sustainability and MAKE MONEY. Money is the most motivating incentive the world knows.


Doulas benefit.



It’s not sustainable to work the way doulas were working before ProDoula.



Imagine prying your sick and crying child off of you in the middle of the night because you have to go support a laboring client. Now imagine doing that for $300. And imagine that you may be gone to work for 36 hours, still for $300.



Sounds like something you could feed your family doing for many years to come, right?


Clients benefit.



Clients deserve to know who is coming to their birth. Clients deserve to have a doula show up if they’re expecting one. Clients deserve a doula who’s unbiased and not going to judge them if they don’t give birth a certain way. Clients deserve doulas that work cohesively with their doctor or midwives.


Labor & Delivery Nurses, Doctors, Obstetricians, and Midwives benefit.



Other birth professionals shouldn’t have to wonder if the doula is going to act as a professional. Will she pull out an IV line? Will she advise her client to go against medical advice, putting the clients’ life at risk? Will the doula argue, or become agitated if the labor process is not going the way everyone had hoped? Medical professionals shouldn’t have to worry about that. They should know that when a doula is in the room she’s going to support her client and act like a professional. Period.



And finally: My business is my business. I have chosen to train and certify with ProDoula but I make the decisions for my doula agency, Chinook City Doulas. I choose to primarily hire doulas that have been trained by ProDoula because I know they train doulas and placenta specialists to best serve clients, regardless of the drama that goes on behind the scenes within the organization. I know when a ProDoula joins my team she will serve my clients the way I would, compassionately, skillfully, and without a need to correct them or project her own agenda on them.

When it really comes down to it, I can’t understand what all the buzz is about. There’s nothing to see here folks, except a business, doing business.