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When I first discovered my love of blogging I was writing so much content that I decided to challenge myself and offer up guest blog posts to other doula agency owners and women’s health professionals. Writing credited articles and blog posts for third party websites supports search engine optimization and further develops your credibility.
I love having the opportunity to speak to another brand’s audience and approach topics that I may not normally choose to write about. I always learn new things researching topics guest blog posts!


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Occasionally, I write a guest blog for someone else that is hard to send and not publish on one of my own blogs. Below are a few examples of guest blog posts I wrote for doula agency blogs, that were hard to part with. One is even on a topic I swore I would never write about!
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Helping Your Baby Sleep | For Pacific Northwest Doulas



5 C-Section Recovery Truths | For Amanda King Post Partum Doula, LLC



5 Things I know About Placenta Encapsulation | For Landmark Doulas


Private Childbirth Classes | For First Coast Doulas


Guest blogging is one of my favorite things to do! It builds relationships, and if you do it right will help your business grow!