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Imagine my surprise when I finally started blogging (like all of the business consultants, marketing workshops, and business classes told me I must do) and no one was reading my blog posts!


Blog after blog and I was feeling pretty sure that the 36 hits on the page were actually me. It didn’t take me long to feel like blogging was pointless and not a great way to get my birth business noticed.


If you’ve got a great blog but no one is reading it, don’t despair! You just need to implement a few tips and tricks to increase your page views on each blog post.


Step 1: Write a Blog Post People Want to Read


You need to view every blog you publish as a product of its own that requires marketing and introduction. Once you send a blog post into the world, with the right introduction, it will reward you by bringing traffic to your website day after day.


Drive More Traffic to Your Doula Blog


Your blog posts need a purpose. Each post should solve a problem, offer valuable information that your audience wants, induce emotion, or start a conversation. You want to publish posts that specifically focus on your business, it’s policies, products/services, too, but don’t expect those posts to be the heavy hitters when it comes to traffic.


Have a great headline! You need to attract the reader. Click bate is acceptable but limit its use or your readers will tire of the tactic.


Make it visual. Add a great header image to draw readers in! Adding infographics can be helpful and may increase how much your post is shared on social media by others. Be sure your images are optimized to display well at both high and low resolutions. Good quality images are very important.


Step 2: Tell people about it.


If no one knows your blog post is there, no one can read it or share it. The easiest way to drive traffic to your new blog post is to share it on social media.


Create custom graphics for visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to keep a steady flow of traffic to your blog posts!


Share the blog post to your Facebook page and from your Facebook page share it to Facebook Groups where your audience spends time (mom groups, a group you run for clients, groups of colleagues who may be interested in your topic and want to share your post with their audience, etc.). Some Facebook groups have rules against this kind of sharing so be careful to check each group’s guidelines. Facebook etiquette tip: Be sure you’re interacting with the group in other ways as well.


Send out an advance Tweet asking who wants to know more about your topic to create interest. Once the blog post has been published be sure to share it to Twitter with a catchy line and relative hashtags!


Don’t forget about Google+. Be sure to give Google the acknowledgment it craves and share the post to Google+.


Continue sharing older content that is relevant and current. Your archives are a great way to add content to your Facebook Page and Twitter feed that drive traffic to your business website.


Refer and link to relative older posts when writing new content for your blog.


For custom coaching and advice…


There are so many ways you can increase your blog post page views, I couldn’t possibly put them all into one blog post. These are only a few basic tips.


For individual assessment or assistance with blogging for your business, please contact Lacey Park Online. I will schedule a complimentary consultation to explore your goals and assess your needs. From there, we will work together to create a custom package to meet your needs.