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You’ve been told in marketing workshops, at conferences, in private consultations, and in all the business groups you’ve joined on Facebook that Content Marketing is where it’s at…


but you don’t even know where to begin.



*cue sitting in front of laptop with hands on the keyboard, staring at a blinking cursor that seems to mock you*



It’s all been written before. You have nothing new to say. What if people think the blog topic you choose is silly? What if you sound stupid and instead of improving your credibility, you damage it?  What if? What if?



Guess what? You are not alone. I hear these same concerns every day from clients, colleagues, and entrepreneur friends.



Pin it! Writing Your First Blog Post _ Blogging for Doulas by Lacey Park Online


Let’s face it, blogging is difficult for most people. If you wanted to blog for a living you would have started a freelance writing business, right? Or at least become a fashion blogger.



What I want you to know is that it doesn’t need to be difficult to get your business blog started. You can write your first blog post today, in just a few minutes. Really!



First-time blog topics can be as simple as introducing your business, or yourself as the owner. Client’s love when you share a little bit more of your story than your bio does. Write about why you started your business, or how you got into the industry. Tell your story and your content will be completely original.



And at the end of the day, if blogging just isn’t for you… you can always give me a call!