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My first blog post for my Calgary doula agency was a post about how to have a smaller impact on the environment when you give birth. I didn’t know much about effectively blogging for SEO. I didn’t know a thing about my target market. I was just writing about what I knew because I had read that blogging was important.



Don’t get me wrong. Publishing something was better than nothing. I hit a few good keywords and gained some traffic, but I don’t think that first post had a significant impact on my website or my business overall.





I have since learned the importance of blogging with intention. The most productive purposes of a blog post are:
  • Inducing emotion and connecting with your audience
  • Explaining details about your business, services, or policies
  • Answering pressing questions for your audience
  • Teaching your audience something
  • Helping your readers in some way


Pin it! 5 Topics Every Doula Should Blog About _ Blogging for Doulas by Lacey Park Online



The blog topic you write about should appeal to the demographic you are targeting, be it potential clients or networking opportunities.



There are a few topics that I think every birth doula business blog should approach.



  1. What is a doula?: Pretty straightforward. Bust some myths, eliminate the misconceptions and define what you do!



  1. Questions to ask a doula: This type of post is a great opportunity to hit those keywords. Be sure to cover all your favorite questions and how you’d answer them.



  1. Doula or midwife?: The whole doula is like a midwife thing creates a lot of confusion. Most people have the misconception that midwife and doula are somewhat interchangeable. Another opportunity to clear up the misconception and utilize your main keywords.


  1. A post that connects you with other businesses: Perhaps you’ll choose a maternity store, a bakery that has the most #pregnancycraving worthy cupcakes, a baby boutique, a local coffee shop that your audience frequents, or anywhere you know potential clients frequent or would frequent if they knew about it! Link to the businesses in your post and be sure to tag them when you share it on social media!


  1. A story: Choose a story that will induce some emotion in your reader and help them to connect with your business.



Blogging doesn’t need to be complicated. 300-600 words of easy to read content that is relevant to the people you want to work with will do the job. Post regular content and let everyone know that YOU are the expert in your field!



If you need a jump start to your blog, Lacey Park Online offers DIY blog writer coaching, ready-to-publish content for your blog and website and more! Contact me for details on how I can become your personal blog doula.